AcrylXTM is an applied acrylic glossy white finish that delivers beautiful bathware products.

The Best Bathware Guarantee in the Industry!

AcrylX™ finished AKER products inside a bathroom.

A Lifetime Residential Warranty!

Your customers will enjoy AcrylXTM finished AKER products for years! With AcrylX'sTM superior applied acrylic finish, products are more resistant and its less porous surface makes it less susceptible to degradation from chemicals. AcrylX'sTM patent-pending solution provides a long lasting "factory-new" look with durable strength that lasts, and is backed by a lifetime warranty for residential use and a 30 year warranty for commercial use.

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Get the Complete AcrylXTM FAQ Guide

Download the complete FAQ list to get all the details on this revolutionary new product feature improvement to the AKER product line.