Whirlpool Systems


Ease out of the complicated life


When life’s complications entangle you, AKER whirlpool massage systems help you unwind. Breathe deep and immerse yourself in the simple pleasure of quiet, comfort and a soothing touch.


AKER takes its philosophy of strength with ease by applying today's innovative technologies to the ancient healing powers of water. Our two whirlpool systems, Bodywrap and Homestead, let you set the mood from calm to invigorating – all at the touch of a button. That's performance a body can applaud.



Hydrotherapy heals and revitalizes


Hydrotherapy has long been revered for its ability to aid one's physical and mental well-being. Regular use not only helps tired and sore muscle, it can improve blood flow and stimulate the nervous system to alleviate fatigue and tension.


Hydrotherapy acts as a lubricant that keeps the human machine, fueled by a healthy diet and regular exercise, running smoothly. Let AKER whirlpool systems help tune you up so you can turn on to living once again.


    Swaddle yourself in comfort


    The AKER Bodywrap system's unique whirlpool action provides the solace people need most after another long day's stresses and strains.


    Soft spirals of water corkscrew up and around the body from toe to torso, swaddling the bather with amazing tension-relieving comfort. For those needing a more vigorous hydromassage, personalize the airflow and spray direction of up to a dozen whirlpool jets for a pulsating action that re-energizes and alleviates sore backs and aching feet.



    • 10 or 12 jets
    • 2 foot/ankle massage jets
    • 2 micro pulse lumbar jets
    • 6 adjustable comfort-flo side jets
    • Twin air controls
    • Micro-switch on/off control with 20 minute electronic timer
    • 1 hp pump

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      Hassle-free hydrotherapy


      Enjoy the simple pleasures of life again with the AKER Homestead system, our original personal relaxation system for the bath.


      Up to 8 fully independent jets can be adjusted directionally and for flow, giving bathers complete control of the intensity and location for a superior massage experience with the ultimate ease. Whether they want a gentle, reassuring caress or a deep, tension relieving rubdown, this is hydrotherapy without hassles.



      • 4, 6 or 8 adjustable jet system
      • Pneumatic on/off controls
      • ¾ hp pump

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