Bathroom Planning

Bathroom plan

Step 4 - Bathroom Layout and Space

An efficient bathroom layout combines form and function that best suits lifestyle. For example, customers wanting a personal relaxation retreat to linger in will need a much different layout than the on-the-go type who needs to simply "wash up and run." The goal in all situations is creating a comfortable flow that meets your customers' needs.

Here are several items and ideas to consider:

  • Is there room for a pivoting shower door or should you consider a sliding shower door?
  • Where will the sinks, vanities and the toilet be located? Pay special attention to the location of doors and drawers and plan for people to be able to navigate around them when open.
  • Where will towels and toiletries be stored? Do they need to be located lower to the floor, say within a child's reach, or can they be up higher?
  • You can make small bathrooms feel grander by maximizing floor space with under sink cabinets, a bathtub with a lower profile deck and built-in shower storage.
  • Mirrors and sliding glass shower doors can give the illusion of more space in a small bathroom.