Bathroom Planning

List of checkboxes checked in green

Step 2 - Take the AKER Quiz

  1. What best describes your bathroom project?
    1. New construction
    2. Entire remodel or renovation
    3. Partial remodel or renovation
    4. Minor update
  2. What is the main function of the bathroom?
    1. Master bathroom
    2. Family bathroom
    3. Secondary or guest bathroom
  3. How many people will use the bathroom at one time?
  4. Who will be the primary users? 
    1. Adults
    2. Children 
    3. Families 
    4. People with physical limitations
  5. What type of storage space do you need?
    1. Medicine cabinets
    2. Vanities
    3. Linen or clothes closets
    4. Shower storage (seats, shelves, etc.)
  6. Can you change the floor plan configuration or expand the space of your bathroom in needed?
  7. Will limited access such as narrow doorways, hallways or staircases require you to use multi-sectional bathware?
  8. Rate the following bathroom features (0 = not important, 5 = essential) in terms of importance to your customer?
    1. Modern, stylish design
    2. Whirlpool system to create an oasis of peace and relaxation
    3. Practical and flexible to meet everyday needs
    4. Easy maintenance
    5. Save time and money on installation
    6. Barrier-free requirements
  9. What bathware accessories are needed based on the bathroom user or layout?
    1. Bathtub
      1. With or without massage system
      2. Above-the-Floor Roughing (AFR)
    2. Shower
      1. Low threshold, seat, shelves, grab bar
      2. Above-the-Floor Roughing (AFR)
    3. Tub-shower
      1. With or without massage system
      2. Low threshold, seat, shelves, grab bars
      3. Above-the-Floor Roughing (AFR)
  1. How much is your customer willing to spend on this project for bathroom accessories alone?