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SPL Shower Base














SPS Shower Base




Shower Bases


Stand firm on the strong, reliable construction of our New low threshold shower bases.


Each one is handcrafted for superior durability and feature a gelcoat finish, one-piece construction and textured floor for added safety. These bases also make life simpler for professional tradesmen and Do-It-Yourselfers since they are conceived with integrated tiling flange, for easy tile installation.


SPL shower bases are available in the following dimensions: 32’’ x 32’’ & 36’’ x 36’’

SPS bases are available with  right, left or no seat in the following dimensions: 34’’ x 60’’, 30’’ x 60’’ and 34’’ x 48’’


    Low threshold bases

    For easier user access in and out is now standard in all showers and shower bases.

    Above-the Floor Rough (AFR)

    Optional feature that allows for flexible one-time or multiple plumbing installations. Enough space to pipe directly under the unit without having to relocate the existing drain.