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OPTS-6032 Tub Shower


AKER Outlook plus Series simplifies life for everyone and make showering easy!




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Customize any AKER Outlook plus tub shower to best suit your desire for comfort and security with our comprehensive selection of code compliant packages.










Curtain rod, shower curtain and soap dish are also available to provide you the complete package.




Code Compliant Tub Showers



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The Outlook plus code compliant one-piece tub shower meets major accessibility building codes, including ADA and ANSI when fully equipped and installed according to guidelines. This tub shower provides accessibility and optimal safety today and tomorrow. Each unit has reinforced walls, in accordance with the accessibility requirements of the Fair Housing Act, to offer versatility in grab bar and seat placement when not factory installed.





    Code specific option packages

    Select the configuration package that best suits your needs: base model, partial packages (grab bar only or with seat) or fully compliant units. AKER Outlook plus Series make choosing the right unit a snap.


    Above-the-Floor Rough

    Leaves enough space to pipe directly under the tub without having to relocate the existing drain and help you avoid breaking ground, deadlines or a sweat.