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AKER Outlook plus Generation+ Series accommodate a wide range of abilities and sensibilities, intelligently designed to evolve as your need do.





Generation+ tub shower

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Shower Seat & Grab Bars

AKER Phenolic removable rectangular shower seat is 29’’ wide and is made with stainless steel frame and Phenolic seat tops, available in white or teak.


Modern and stylish grab bars, featuring an easy to clean smooth surface. Straight, curved or pivot, available in multiple dimensions, they are designed for your safety.





Tub Shower



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Prepare for tomorrow’s needs with today’s styles by choosing our always accessible, easily adaptable Outlook plus' Generation+ Series. The Generation+ products balance your priority of comfort and peace of mind with your desire for a modern look that never feels dated. Reinforced walls offer versatility in grab bar and seat placement – now or in the future.





    Customize your bathing experience

    AKER Generation+ products aim to promote autonomy while simplifying the user’s day to day life. Customize your experience with AKER set of options and accessories.